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Company news
Digital sublimation printing introduction
Number:841   Date:2016-04-13  

Our company is engaged in the digital sublimation printing goods, like promotion products,microfiber cleaning cloths, pillows, towels, hand towels, lanyards, mouse pads, cup mats, sandals, back bags, wall pictures etc.                                                                                         All goods printing are use import ink and South Korea´s equipment technology and production technology. 
Production features: We use the advanced technology production equipement, and take the digital sublimation printing technology, after we got the final design, we can finish sample within 30 minutes, it;s overcome the disadvantages traditional printing sample need long time, greatly shorten the production time of delivery.In addition, take the Germany, South Korea technology in the production can accurate transfer printing machine, high production efficiency, the machine of the daily production capacity of more than 30000 yards materials, guaranteeing the production of high quality and timely delivery.
Product features: digital printing production mode and traditional mode of production, flexible and convenient on orders and production problems, short material can be used for digital printing, can highlight the personalized design and meet the personalized needs of the market, long material goods can take digital printing proofing open edition production, mass production to meet large demand.  
Quality features: our company productions,  have good color fastness (European standard, the United States and Japan standard), safe environmental protection, color bright, color is rich.Our products can meet the needs of different customers, to provide satisfactory production and after-sales service.Welcome your inquiries and hope to bulit business relationship with you.


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