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Microfiber towels

Product Description:

Micro fiber HB & HM2(High resolution)

Sports towel,Bathe & beach towel,Handkerchief,Scarf,Cleaner etc


It is made of 100% ultra fine microfiber yarn that is known as the most advanced material.

It gives refreshment and absorbs moisture fast.also very light-weight and compact.that is why making it perfect for the gym,out doors or sporting event.


Sports Towel,Photo Towel,Beach Towel, Handkerchief, Scarf, Cleaner etc

SIZE: 50 inch-50yd roll, 20 X 20, 25 X 25, 35 X 35

     20 X 110, 40 X 90, 70 X 130, 80 X 180


1. Fabric of Microfiber is as soft as silk and as thin as 1/100 of a human’s hair

2. Detailed and smooth as silk but at the same time highly absorbent,which allows wetness from hair/skin to dry quickly

3. Make to improve a ordinary towel’s fault and prevents germs stink and an anti-bacterial treatment.

It’s more effective and durable than ordinary towels.

4. A  distinguishing characteristic of fiber is its ability to be put to use without ball of fluff and dust gathering.

5. Because of its sponge-like ability to absorb moisture,when cleaning a wet surface, it is best to apply pressure on top of the product rather than to scrub.

6. Fiber is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

7. Designs,logos,characters,pictures,market advertisements,images,etc. are all capable of being transferred onto microfiber towels and produced.

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